Pretoria Road Allotment Site
Patchway, Bristol

About Us

Welcome to the Pretoria Road allotments website. The members are a diverse community of allotment holders and growers in Patchway, but they all have one thing in common - they love to grow their own produce. The allotments have been around since 1947 and, although there's no-one still here who can remember those first years, some allotment holders have been tending their plots for over 20 years. The aim of this website is to keep all the members up to date with news from the committee as well as items of interest from other members. If you have something that you would like to tell everyone else about then get in touch - you can email the committee direct - This site is owned and operated independently for the benefit of all members.

Pretoria Road Allotment Map including Plot Number

Pretoria Road Allotment Map with Plot No. May 2015 .pdf (145707)


Pretoria Road Allotments Society Handbook March 2023 & Constitution 2015

The Handbook has been revised March 2023 and is for any plot holder to find information on the rules and regulations the Society have to explain the rules of tenancy and what can and can't be done on the site in plain english. Please read it carefully as it explains important aspects of your tenancy agreement. Many of the rules are based on the laws relating to allotments in the Allotments Acts 1908-1950. It also explains how the site is managed and who to contact if you have any problems.
When you open the Handbook link below, to read the pages, if you go to view function at the top of PDF document and then take the Rotate View function. Next click on clockwise function a few times, you will be able to rotate the pages to view clearly. 


Patchway Pretoria Road Allotment Shop

Our Allotment Shop is open most weekends, usually between 10.00am & 12.00 Noon. The shop can open at other times of the week or weekend by just asking a committee member who is available on the Allotment site. There are many items available for sale at the shop, with many being competitive with garden centre prices. 

Every item sold, the profit is put towards Allotment funds and has a healthy return for our society each year.Please use as much as you can. You are then helping the Allotment Society keep the rent and charges to a minimum by using the shop. You will see a few photo's of the shop below. Also at the shop entrance you will see to the right on the wall a box with the name and plot number of the committee member who is present on the site at the time. Just look for them and they will open the shop for you when able to.